Survival in the 21st Century - Why you Need to Detox with Far Infrared Light Therapy

By Mark Givert (Founder Get Fitt) Life today is challenging, one reason for this is that we are all facing exposure to a large number of unseen/invisible toxins in the form of: chemicals, metals, and pesticides which can all be found in our homes, workplace, our food, water, our environment and the air we breathe. You cannot see any of these substances and it is almost impossible to avoid exposure and ingestion on a Read More

Far Infrared Treatment For Leaky Gut

By Mark Givert (Founder Get Fitt) One of the biggest health challenges I faced many years ago was leaky gut. I had a variety of infections and particularly a huge Candida problem. Leaky gut is a bit of a grey area, and it is not something that the medical profession are clear on yet. I myself suffered from a huge number of food intolerances, infections, IBS and food allergies. Now I could have focussed on the infections Read More

The Warming Effect of Far Infrared Explained

By Mark Givert (Founder Get Fitt) Beginners Guide to Far Infrared Far Infrared is an invisible wavelength of light that warms up the body; when the cells of the body absorb the photons being generated by the Far Infrared equipment, heat is released producing a nice warming effect similar to that of the warming rays of the Sun (without the harmful UV rays that cause sunburn). You have all experienced Far infrared but Read More