The Warming Effect of Far Infrared Explained

By Mark Givert (Founder Get Fitt) Beginners Guide to Far Infrared Far Infrared is an invisible wavelength of light that warms up the body; when the cells of the body absorb the photons being generated by the Far Infrared equipment, heat is released producing a nice warming effect similar to that of the warming rays of the Sun (without the harmful UV rays that cause sunburn). You have all experienced Far infrared but Read More

Far Infrared for Pain Relief - Freedom from Muscle Pain is it Possible?

By Mark Givert (Founder Get Fitt) What a Pain in the Muscle Toxicity - Painful Muscles & Trigger Points Toxicity is not normally something that one would associate with pain. However a very interesting study in 2008 offers some indication that there may be a connection between toxicity and painful trigger points/muscle knots. In the study tissue samples were used from the muscles themselves, and areas surrounding the Read More

Far Infrared - Is it Really Any Good for Your Health?

By Mark Givert (Founder of Get Fitt) Far Infrared & Detoxification There is so much confusion about Far Infrared, how to use it, and how it works. In all the years we have been doing this, we still find that most people are totally confused until we can help clear  things up for them! Far Infrared is Light
This is such a simple thing and even though people talk about it, this is not really understood. Why Read More