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Tel No: 01923 855 588

Try Our Far Infrared Systems:
Cocoon SystemTM , ArcTM, Aurora ProTM and Hélo 7          tmtttn Lamps



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      Cocoon SystemTM - Ultra Low EMF's less than 0.2 milligauss.


You are important and deserve the best service we can provide!
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 Cocoon SystemTM


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Portable Far Infrared GOTM System:
Simply fold it up and take it away.

Ultra Low EMF's



Far Infrared Thermal Treatment (FittTM)

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Aurora ProTM
Far Infrared Lamp 

 Certified medical device


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Hélo 7TM
Far Infrared Lamp   

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 Far Infrared and to order
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Call:  01923  855588

Email: info1@get-fitt.com

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