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Cabin Air Quality for Passengers & Cabin Crew

What is aerotoxic syndrome?

''It is an illness caused by exposure to contaminated air in aircraft – known as a “fume event”.

Commercial passenger jets have a system that compresses air from its engines and uses it to pressurise the cabin. However, this can malfunction, causing excess oil particles to enter the supply.

The term “aerotoxic syndrome” was coined in 2001 by Dr Harry Hoffman, a former US Navy flight surgeon, Prof Chris Winder, a toxicologist at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and Jean Christophe Balouet, a French environmental forensics expert.'' - Telegraph Feb 2015

Air Quality
Cabin air comes through the jet engine unfiltered (bleed air) directly into the aircraft and is distributed throughout the flight deck and passenger cabin.

Consequently this air has come into direct contact with the engine, hydraulic fluids, Oils, additives and Jet Fuel etc.

In January 2009, investigative journalists from  German and Swiss TV secretly took 31 swabs from aircraft cabins on popular airlines. These were analysed in the laboratories at the
University of British Columbia under the supervision of Professor Christian van Netten, a leading toxicologist. Twenty-eight of the swabs were found to have dangerously high levels of TCP. (Independent:17.03.09)

Exposure to Aircraft Bleed Air Contaminants Among Airline Workers -
A Guide for Health Care Providers - 2009

Background to the Guide

In response to legislation passed by US Congress in 2003, the Federal Aviation Administration awarded two research groups funds to review medical records of crew members who reported exposure to oil fumes, and to develop a medical protocol intended to educate health care providers on the health effects associated with exposure to oil fumes on aircraft.

This guide was formulated for health care providers in the USA and was funded by the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Aviation Medicine

SUMMARY: ''The outside air supplied to the cabin/flight deck on commercial aircraft ("bleed air") may sometimes be contaminated with pyrolyzed engine oil and/or hydraulic fluid.

As a result of this contamination, airline workers may develop acute and/or chronic health effects and seek attention from health care providers. This document provides information about the health effects that may result after exposure to aircraft bleed air contaminants, and makes recommendations regarding treatment methods.

The information in this document is largely based on information that has been published in the medical and scientific literature, and also relies on the clinical experience of one of the authors (Robert Harrison, MD, MPH) who has diagnosed and treated airline workers with contaminated bleed air exposure.
'' - Exposure to Aircraft Bleed Air Contaminants Among Airline Workers - A Guide for Health Care Providers - Robert Harrison MD, Judith, Murawski, MSc, CIH, Eileen McNeely, PhD3, Judie Guerriero, RN, MPH, Donald Milton, MD, DrPh -  2009                                                                                

TCP is an engine oil additive that has been found
to be just one of the airborne contaminants
discovered to
seriously damage the nervous system.

Symptoms of Aerotoxicity

The Guide Lists both Acute & Chronic Symptoms that can occur following exposure to contaminated bleed air in the aircraft, as shown below:

The guide also lists a number of signs and symptoms associated 
with other exposures whilst on board commercial aircraft:

Article - Cabin Fever

Exposure to triaryl phosphates: metabolism and biomarkers of exposure
Journal of Biological Physics & Chemistry 2011

Exposure to Aircraft Bleed Air Contaminants Among Airline Workers -
A Guide for Health Care Providers

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