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Autism &Toxicity 

In today's world we are being exposed to increasing amounts of harmful chemicals. This toxic stress depletes the body’s vital reserves of nutrients which are essential for detoxification. This is why many of us are unable to eliminate toxins.

The result is that heavy metals and toxic substances accumulate in the body and are a contributing factor to many illnesses including autism. This is very significant because sufferers of autism have problems detoxifying.

When you correct nutrient deficiencies and detoxify, the body can begin to repair and heal itself.


 The Problem of Toxicity

Thousands of toxins are now present in the environment and we are absorbing many of them through food, water, by inhalation and through our skins. We are being overwhelmed by our huge intake of chemicals, pesticides, plastics and heavy metals. Our bodies cannot metabolise these substances which means we cannot detoxify and eliminate them. They are then stockpiled in the tissues, organs, and fat cells of the body.

These substances when stored in the body can often mimic our hormones upsetting the body’s delicate hormonal balance. Our glands often will stop working properly; particularly the thyroid, adrenals and pancreas.

This constant toxic stress causes nutritional deficiencies and disrupts the body’s normal functioning. The result is that the body is unable to repair and heal itself. When the toxic load becomes critical we begin to experience various illnesses, and poor levels of physical and mental energy.

The body’s detoxification system is important because the overloading of this system often leads to disease.

 Far Infrared Thermal Treatment (FITTTM
Cocoon SystemTM


Heavy Metal Toxicity & Autism

Many of the symptoms seen in autism have been associated with heavy metal toxicity. Elevated levels of Mercury, Cadmium and Lead have been found to have accumulated in people’s bodies adding to the general toxic load.

A number of treatments including heavy metal detoxification have proven to be helpful in restoring good helath. An accumulation of heavy metals may often reduce immune function leading to frequent bacterial and viral infections.

There is much evidence showing that heavy metal toxicity is an important factor in people suffering from autism. Exposure can occur in many ways, a few examples are given below:

▲ Mercury is released into the air from power stations burning coal;
     this air is then inhaled.

▲Babies get exposed to mercury from the mother’s dental amalgam fillings.

▲Vaccinations of course are another source of mercury.

53% of autistic children are born to mothers who are blood type Rhesus negative and who received the antibody immune globulin which up until 2001 contained mercury. The injection currently may contain traces of mercury from the early part of the manufacture process.


Seafood is often laden with mercury.

Hair analysis is not so useful to test for levels of mercury as children with autism are less efficient at excreting heavy metals, which means it is less likely to show up in the hair. Instead mercury often gets stored in the brain.

Far Infrared 
Cocoon SystemTM


Children with Autism are Poor Detoxifiers

Children with autism often test positive for heavy metals and other chemicals which can disrupt the delicate balance of the intestinal flora. The result is unfriendly bacteria, viruses and fungus can flourish causing such problems as leaky gut and Candida to name but a few. This can result in gluten from wheat or Casein from milk entering into the blood stream inducing opiate like effects.

We are being exposed to an increasing amount of chemicals. This toxic stress has resulted in the body using up it’s vital reserves of nutrients which are essential for detoxification. This is why many of us are poor detoxifiers which is especially true for autistic children:

Tests have shown that children with autism are often deficient in Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin B12 and folic acid which are vital for detoxification.

Also a substance called glutathione which is essential for detoxification was found to be 80% depleted in children with autism. So supplementation and a good diet are crucial for the body’s detoxification mechanisms to function properly.

The formula for wellness involves detoxifying and correcting nutrient deficiencies.

The body can then begin healing itself when it
has unloaded its burden of stockpiled toxins.


Far Infrared Thermal Treatment

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy is being included in detoxification programmes and has been used as a part of the detoxification protocol used for the 9/11 rescue workers who have become ill since being exposed to fumes and chemicals during their work. The programme was known as project 'Olive Releaf'.

Infrared Sauna Therapy has also been used as a part of the detoxification therapy for Police Officers in Utah suffering from Chemical Exposures during their law enforcement activity. (Toxicol Ind Health 2012 Sep;28(8):758-68)

Far Infrared Sauna Treatment is also recommended by Dr Sherry Rogers in her book Detoxify or Die, which deals with the problems of environmental toxcity and how best to detoxify.

The latest Far Infrared technology has resulted in the development of new equipment that is economical, portable and suited to home use. It is now possible to use the latest Far Infrared technology in the comfort of your own home.



Far Infrared Treatment Compared with Normal Saunas

Conventional saunas, Turkish baths and spa therapies can cause a dramatic increase in body temperature. This means that chemicals can get into the blood stream and may cause acute poisoning. Furthermore, many people do not tolerate extreme heat at all well.

 Most importantly with Far Infrared Thermal TreatmentTM you have not stressed the body by exposing it to high temperatures. You can work at a little above room temperature.  The amazing thing about Far Infrared Thermal TreatmentTM is that it’s warming effect is pretty much independent of air temperature. It is this unique quality that makes it such a gentle and comfortable experience. 

The Beauty of Far Infrared Thermal Treatment

This is something the whole family can use and is one of the easiest most convenient ways of maintaining good health. Toxicity is a fact of life today and just as you would go the gym and exercise regularly to keep fit, similarly it is wise to regularly detoxify due to the constant ingestion of toxins.


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Disclaimer: A Far Infrared Sauna is not a medical device. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals. If you have a health‐related condition that requires medical attention, always consult a qualified medical professional or a licensed health care professional before using a Far‐Infrared Sauna.

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