Portable Far Infared Dome - Go System
Advanced Generation 3.0 Technology

The Fold Away Go portable Far Infrared Home Sauna System is designed to suit various postures
with its lightweight and self-standing dome design.

It can be your personalised heat therapist. It folds up after use, goes into it's carry case.
You can enjoy this powerful Far Infrared therapy anytime, anywhere.

Maxiheat System
GoTM portable benefits from the unique Maxiheat SystemTM enabling the unit to
reach the selected temperature within 3 minutes of being switched on.


Our body generates Far Infrared in the range of 6 -20 microns with the majority of activity in the body is in the region of 7 – 14 microns.

The GoTM was designed to cover a large range of metabolic activity (6 -20 microns) to ensure that as many of the body systems benefit as possible.

Deep Penetration

Our panel uses a special blend of Carbon and Semi-Precious minerals which are unique to the Go and is the reason it is so effective. This is why it generates such a good range of Far Infrared.

Since a localised treatment does not need to involve perspiration, the user can extend the period of use. This allows the Far Infrared to reach the deepest core of the problem areas.

Pure Far Infrared rays deliver relaxing and soothing warmth throughout your entire body.

The GoTMSystem emits Far Infrared at the 6-20 micron wavelengths across the internal arch surface and results in an even distribution of heat.

TheGoTMis simple and convenient to operate.

Product specification:

Warranty: 12 months

Net Weight:

Gross Weight (Boxed):6.4 kgs

Far Infrared:6 – 20 Microns

Power consumption: 380W

Voltage: 110/240Volts 50/60Hz

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