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Since 2004 Get Fitt have been leaders in the field of Far Infrared Light Therapy, and have been working closely with leading medical and healthcare professionals.

We have also worked one to one with thousands of clients, providing personalised coaching and guidance  with their Far Infrared Programmes.

We have learned a great deal and continue to do so. We are constantly pushing the boundaries and applications of Far Infrared Light Therapy. Working with new conditions constantly discovering just how Far Infrared Light Therapy can help with repairing a compromised and damaged body system.

We love what we do:
Our mission is to help and reach even more people globally.

For many years we have been providing Far Infrared training & certification programmes for practitioners and healthcare professionals

With our online Far Infrared training and certification programme, we are now able to offer our training and certification globally reaching more healthcare professionals than ever before.

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