Far Infrared Thermal Therapy (FITT TM) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & M.E 

I have been using the FIR cocoon for nearly 2 years now and am pleased that I opted to have the Get Fitt support programme throughout. 

Tests on my mitrochondrial function had shown that I have some blocking which is probably the reason why I suffer from fibromyalgia, and I was recommended to try a detoxification programme, including the use of the Get Fitt Far Infrared sauna. 

I was quite sceptical at first as my tolerance of heat is minimal, as I continued the Far Infrared programme I found that my tolerance of heat outside, as well as in the sauna, was improved.  Finally, I am able to sweat again - not just in the cocoon.

After 9 months using the cocoon I had my mitochondrial function retested and there was a significant improvement, which backs up my experience of being able to live a more active life, taking up dance and exercise classes, and coping with more stress, including managing a 7 month building project on my home that I previously could not have contemplated. 

The support has been helpful on matters of diet, exercise and supplement regime, the latter of which was very helpful for mitigating the effects of Gilbert's syndrome, which I hope is slowing down the production of further toxins - my eyes and skin are less yellow.  

There is always something new to learn from the Get fit Team as their knowledge is extensive, and together we have been doing a lot of investigation to find a programme to improve my health. 

The Support team are always sympathetic and understanding, which I value greatly.  There is no doubt in my mind that I could not have managed this level of improvement on my own.



Thank you and your team for such a wonderful product.The Cocoon system has rid my body of all the wood preservatives and other toxins.

I would like to thank everyone for a first class service.



After having done a mitochondrial function test for my chronic fatigue syndrome, one of the results was that I had a high score of certain toxins in my body.

Because of that my doctor gave me the name of the website for Get Fitt. The information on the website and the recommendation from my doctor made me contact Get Fitt.

The first contact with Get Fitt was good. From the outset the Get Fitt team knew about CFS so I didn’t have to explain the symptoms that come with CFS, they understand.

They explained how far infrared works and what it can do for you. Although I read about the benefits of Far Infrared for detoxification before I was hesitant to do it because of my intolerance to heat. Heat and sweating make me more tired.

One of the benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon is that you can start on a relative low temperature (under body temperature).

They suggested getting support from Get Fitt for the use of the Cocoon. Support means getting you a tailor made schedule that works for you. At first I thought ok I will try it but soon enough I discovered support is very helpful.Everybody is different so everybody needs their own schedule, because of my intolerance to heat I started off very slowly.

You don’t have to sweat! The far infrared works anyway. Detoxifying will take longer though. As they say: You can run 5 miles or you can walk 5 miles both ways you reach the same point.

Every time you contact them they will discuss how you feel and what you have experienced using the Cocoon or your other treatments if any and they make a new schedule for the coming day(s) that suits you best.

My doctor once tried new medication on me which made me more tired. Then I discussed it with the people from Get Fitt and they changed my schedule.
One and a half years after the first mitochondrial function test I did the test again to see if I made progress. I made good progress although I am not there yet.

The results on the toxins were very good. Most of them were completely gone! Others changed from high levels to moderate or trace.

Because they speak with sufferers from different countries they sometimes make suggestions for treatments they have heard of that have worked. This helps you find pieces of the puzzle to treat CFS. I think the far infrared sauna CocoonTM is an important piece of that puzzle. The Get Fitt team wants the best for you.

Also important for people with CFS is that you are able to do Far Infrared Sauna treatment at your own home just lying on bed so you don’t have to go anywhere that makes you more tired.



First 2 months:

Having been battling Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for years, I had almost given up hope of getting better, but I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Mark at Get Fitt Ltd

Once Mark had explained the detoxifying process through using the Cocoon System and its success at treating my condition in particular, I instantly knew I had to give it a go. 

I have been using the Cocoon SystemTM for two months now and the results have been incredible, I have lost two stone in weight and my symptoms have greatly reduced.

It takes time and I am not out of the woods yet but i am confident that sticking to the programme i will see a full recovery. 

Get Fitt’s knowledge, support and confidence in the treatment's success is invaluable.


N.B – Chloe Update

Hi Mark

Wanted to update you on my progress.... in the last 2 days I have managed to sell my house, pack up most of its contents, load them into the car and drive from Enfield to Guildford... i think things are on the up!!!! all that after 8 weeks in bed, I can’t believe it!

Kind regards



After using the Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon over the past 6 months I have noticed an increase in my energy levels and a greater feeling of well-being.



Having been battling Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for years, I had almost given up hope of getting better, but I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Mark at Get Fitt Ltd.

Once Mark had explained the detoxifying process through using the Cocoon SystemTM and its success at treating my condition in particular, I instantly knew I had to give it a go.

I have been using the Cocoon SystemTM for two months now and the results have been incredible, I have lost two stone in weight and my symptoms have greatly reduced.

It takes time and I am not out of the woods yet but i am confident that sticking to the programme i will see a full recovery.

Get Fitt’s knowledge, support and confidence in the treatment's success is invaluable.My Doctor performed A Mitochondrial Function Test which showed that the Mitochondria were not working properly and that I had CFS.

After five months on nutritional supplements the same tests showed  my condition had actually deteriorated. My Doctor performed a Test which revealed the mitochondria were blocked by the toxin Nitrosamine. (probably from Passive smoking)

On my Doctor's suggestion I contacted Get Fitt Ltd and with his guidance started on a detox program using  Far Infrared Thermal Treatment.

Initially I noticed small changes to my general health and then a gradual increase in energy. Six months into my detox regime I repeated the Mitochondrial Function Test which confirmed a 60-70% improvement in function. Simply put I had alot more energy.

There is still some way to go to return to full health, but I am very hopeful for the future and I currently have much more energy and am increasingly active as my health continues to improve.

I was introduced to Get Fitt Ltd when I purchased my Far infrared Blanket and we have spoken many times since. To my mind Get Fitt’s  primary motivation is to help others regain their health."




I have used a ‘cabinet’ type Far Infra Red (FIR for short) Sauna. Recently I have changed to the Cocoon SystemTMtype of FIR and I am delighted for several reasons:

Being an ME sufferer using the FIR whilst lying down, during the treatment, conserves my energy instead of using it.
The comfort factor is much greater and is very pleasant indeed, so I am able to relax and really enjoy the session.

Perhaps the most important, I feel that the whole of my body benefits from a more even exposure to the FIR energy.

In conclusion “the proof of the pudding ...etc”,  I have felt better since starting to use the Cocoon SystemTMand am hoping that this will continue.


ME and Fibromayalgia Sufferer


I became very ill with Myalgic encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia in 2002. After spending a couple of years totally exhausted (and several months actually bed-bound), in constant pain, with extensive brain fog and numerous other debilitating symptoms, I started to recover, through use of various treatments including glyconutrients and changes to my diet.  

I was introduced to the Far Infra Red Technology (FIR) and started using the full body Cocoon SystemTM twice a day to boost my health further. Initially I noticed its very thorough detox effects and an increase in energy levels.

 However, I then started part-time work in a hospital and found the change a real shock to my system. I have no doubts that it is thanks to the Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon SystemTM that I have been able to carry on working over the past couple of months without any time off sick.

Every time I use the unit I feel my batteries have been recharged and I’m sure that the several bugs I’ve picked up from the hospital have been of much shorter duration thanks to using FIR.

I have also been very grateful for the informative support and advice provided by Get Fitt during using of the unit.

I have now adjusted to hospital working life again, and am currently feeling healthier and happier than I ever remember, but I continue to value the definite and significant benefits of the FIR – as well as the warmth and comfort provided by a session in it on winter evenings!  




I've been meaning to share the good news of my discovery for weeks. I have recently acquired this wonderful wonderful FIR (Far Infrared) blanket that you can use lying on a bed :-)))) It is bliss!

I had read about the benefits of FIR a couple of years ago when I first read Rich van Konynenburg's advised treatment procedure for ME. It is really good for gentle detoxing. But after I'd read that I hadn't heard of anywhere you could go for FIR saunas and I imagined it would be incredibly expensive so forgot about it again, also as I'm not usually one for heat and the thought of a sauna filled me with dread.

Anyway, a couple of months ago, whilst researching FIR saunaing, I discovered that this was reaching the realms of affordability and FIR saunaing is different to traditional saunas!! I got myself one. The wonderful thing is that technology has advanced such that it is like a sleeping bag with FIR heating panels inside. You snuggle inside, have a lovely relax lying down and enjoy the warmth, knowing that you are gently detoxing. You can use the lower temperature settings to warm through or get pain relief.

And this recommendation isfrom someone who is pretty heat sensitive and didn't really like the idea of saunaing. This Cocoon SystemTM is different to a conventional sauna in that there is no steam or anything just warmth and it wraps round your body leaving your head out to keep cool, I do it with the window open and a nice breeze on my head. You need to shower straight after to wash away any toxins you have sweated out.Better still, is that the Cocoon SystemTM FIR blankets are provided by GetFitt who really seem to understand ME/CFS and who are going out of their way to make FIR saunaing available to people with such conditions.



I developed chronic fatigue syndrome ('cfs') during a lengthy trip abroad travelling in Asia in early 2003 after having glandular fever in December 2002.

It grew steadily worse, frequently leaving me house and even bed-bound and by mid-2007 I had developed multiple chemical sensitivity ('mcs') too, reacting strongly to most kinds of perfume, wood and cigarette smoke, household paints and almost all common household detergents. The numerous doctors I consulted could find nothing physiologically wrong despite the fact that I was clearly very unwell.

In mid 2007 I consulted a Doctot who had a particular interest in fatigue-related illnesses. They took a blood sample which was sent to a biochemist who found that my mitochondria (the 'engines' within cells which enable us to produce energy) were blocked by a dye-based chemical. I also had high levels of heavy metals (mercury, arsenic and cadmium) and was sensitive to nickel. Major dietary changes were recommended and that I take a number of supplements aimed at giving my system the 'fuel' it needed to attempt to combat my problems. The Doctor also suggested that I use a Get Fitt Far infrared sauna to assist with detoxification.

I obtained a Cocoon system from Get-Fitt. I also took up their suggestion that they provide me with telephone support during the initial stages of the sauna programme. Mark Givert, to whom I spoke at Get-Fitt, devised a programme for me having obtained details from me of what my problems were. Initially, the combined effects of the sauna and the supplements I was taking made me feel considerably worse. I spoke regularly to Mark during the initial stages of my treatment and he explained to me that this was not surprising since the sauna would enable my system to mobilise toxins from where they were stored in my fat cells into my bloodstream where they could be processed and then harmlessly excreted.

Initially, I found it impossible to sweat in the sauna. After a few weeks, however, I began slowly but steadily to get stronger and my ability to sweat returned. There were some detox symptoms particularly in the early stages of the programme but I am certain that detoxification was an essential part of my recovery. I have continued to use the far infrared CocoonTM sauna and am now almost completely recovered.

I am in no doubt that the sauna contributed substantially to my recovery, enabling me to detoxify heavy metals and chemicals safely and effectively. I also relied heavily upon my frequent telephone support from Mark and the Get Fitt Support team. They assisted me in adjusting the sauna programme so that I could moderate the unpleasant effects of detoxification and provided sympathetic and constructive support and reassurance when I was struggling to deal with the unpleasant and debilitating effects of the recovery process and without which I think I would have struggled to persevere. 

I have found Get-Fitt's services to be professional and user-friendly and am in no doubt that, for those in the unfortunate position in which I found myself healthwise, their product and service works. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Corinna (cfs and mcs sufferer)- Still saunaing - and still improving!


I have ME and have been using the Far Infrared Sauna for over 18 months now and have found it to be a great help in aiding my recovery.

It eases my pain, and blood tests have shown that the high levels of pesticide that I had in my system are now down to a trace.
I have always found the Get-Fitt support team to be very encouraging. The help and advice on general health and nutrition I received from the team I have found invaluable.
I am very grateful for all the wonderful support and expert advice that has been given to me.