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Get Fitt Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
For Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

So often we hear that many of you have been told the following:

 "There is nothing you can do,
you will just have to live with this"
"It is all in your Head"

Fortunately things have moved on a great deal and the good news is that thanks to the pioneering work of some leading UK doctors and Biochemists.....people are recovering from Chronic Fatigue. An amazing statement and it is absolutely true.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Doctors are currently able to identify many of the causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and provide a treatment protocol that can help you restore good health.

Now please do not get me wrong this does not mean there is a tablet you can take to restore good health overnight. What this means is that there are specific tests  (Mitochondrial Function Test, Heavy metal tests etc) which help identify the causes of the fatigue and then you can then adopt a programme that will go a long way to helping you  restore your health and the quality of your life. This includes a detoxification programme to help eliminate toxins that are responsible for disrupting the body's heatlhy functioning.

Far Infrared Thermal Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

 Studies have shown that Far Infrared Thermal Therapy may be a promising approach for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment.

Far Infrared Treatment has also been found to be beneficial for heart disease and may help improve heart function which is significant for sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Interview-About Far Infrared Thermal Treatment
Mark of Get Fitt™ Ltd was recently interviewed by Laura of Sign of the Times. Mark and Laura share their personal stories of how  far infrared thermal treatment was a key tool in the battle with toxicity and helping to restore their health.

Even if you have never had any serious illnesses or health issues, this is one podcast you can't afford to miss!
This topic that hasn't received anywhere near the attention that it deserves: improving our health through a program of detoxification. The benefits of far infrared treatments are discussed, as well as the surprising effects of heavy metal toxicity and candida, chronic fatigue and several other illnesses and health-related topics.

Click on the link below to download the talk:

The Causes of Chronic Syndrome Fatigue

In January 2009 a paper was released titled "Chronic fatigue syndrome and Mitochondrial dysfunction."

This paper is available for download below for those of you who wish to know more.

Download - CFS & Mitochondrial Dysfunction

In the simplest terms what has been discovered is that the energy production system in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers has been impaired. Not too many surprises there.

What is most revealing is what has been found to be interfering with the body's energy production system;

A whole cocktail of Chemicals, Pesticides,
Heavy Metals,Plastics, Solvents and more.

To summarise: what doctor's tests are showing is that there are a whole variety of toxins/poisons that are being found to have accumulated in the body. For example high levels of Mercury are common, Nickel and Cadmium are also commonplace, solvents, and plastics are also being discovered in large amounts.

These substances seem to be disrupting the healthy function of the body. The body is designed to repair and heal itself. If this is not happening you may ask the question why? Could it be that the body's natural function has been disrupted by an accumulation of some toxic substance. After all a toxin/poison is a substance that causes illness or injury to an organism.....this seems to fit the bill!


Portable Far Infrared Sauna GOTM Mat:
Ultra Low EMF's less than 0.3 milligauss

Use it While you Relax

Please feel free to contact us for the latest information and studies regarding the benefits of Far Infrared Thermal Treatment.

So take heart -
There is a solution to your ills.
Surely the Journey will require:
Time, Effort & Patience.

Your good health is worth it!


Get Fitt Cocoon SystemTM

Our aim is to be as helpful as possible.
To provide you with an excellent service

it really helps us to speak to you.

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