PureAir delivers exceptionally clean air!  It offers an outstanding combination of efficient, silent, ozone free, energy saving, easy to use and economical operation. 
PureAir in continuous operation is extremely effective eliminating the smallest airborne pollution particles (nano particles below  0,1 μm) from dust, smoke, pollen allergens, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mould, pet dander, allergens and more. These particles normally represent around 90% of all particles in the air and are considered to cause the most severe health problems. PureAir air purifier is designed to be constantly turned on and working at all times.  
PureAir is very easy to maintain and its power consumption is just 5 watts, thus costing very little to run. There are no expensive filters to replace, instead you simply remove the collector once every two weeks or when needed and wash it in hot water and washing-up liquid.

The PureAir purifier generates high levels of negative ions for air cleaning. There has been extensive research conducted in many fields of general effects of negative ions. The results show a number of positive effects on overall health.
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Price £450.00
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