Mindfulness Training

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What is Mindfulness?

A question I love to ask is ….do you know what you are thinking?

A simple enough question.

’The reality is that thinking is very much the driving force behind
our lives, yet so rarely do we think about what we think!!!’’

The Role of Thinking in Your Life

Thinking determines how you feel and what you do; thus shaping your life.

Yet thinking is a pretty random affair for most of us and is usually determined by what we are experiencing in our daily life.

Our thinking is mostly a reaction to our circumstances. As circumstances change so does our thinking.

When life is good we feel good and it easy to think positively, when things get tough our thinking changes and perhaps we do not feel so good…….

Mindfulness meditation is not new and in fact and is many thousands of years old.

‘’Mindfulness Training is a simple method of mental training
helping you develop the skill of calmly observing your thoughts.’’

Mindfulness Training provides you with exercises and techniques like observing your breathing and watching thoughts come and go.

This is so beneficial as you come to realise
you do not have to react to your thoughts. 

YOU CAN CHOOSE WHICH thoughts you wish to entertain and act upon.

So you can feel good more of the time and start thinking more constructive and uplifting thoughts  which of course affects all areas of  your life from relationships to your career.

As you practice and develop your skill, you no longer have to react to each and every thought that pops into your head.

Get Fitt Mindfulness Training & Techniques

You start to develop the skill of becoming calm at will and successfully observing your thinking.

You can start to choose your thoughts and be selective about those that you act upon.

This is really a great place  to be as it is the beginning of you being able to direct your thinking and ultimately taking charge of your life.

So what is needed now is to develop the skill of not just choosing the thoughts you want to have, but to keep your mind focussed upon constructive thinking. This will help you to live the life that you want to live.

This is exactly what the Get Fitt mindfulness training techniques will help you to achieve and it is an essential aspect of the Get Fitt mindfulness training that will truly empower you to live the life that you desire.


Health Benefits of Mindfulness Training

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