New Life Mindfulness Training -
   New Thinking for New Living

''EVERY ACTION is the result of our thinking.

What we think determines what we do!

Ultimately our Actions shape our life.

Unfortunately many of us have little or no control
over our thinking which is a major issue .

If we have no control over our thinking we have no control over what we say or know the rest only too well.''

There are so many things that we would like to achieve in life, yet often we are overcome by the everyday challenges and obstacles that we face.

This short, simple and practical programme provides real solutions for many of the day to day stresses and challenges that we all face.

Mark Givert the Founder of Get Fitt created the Get Fitt Mindfulness Training programme which is the culmination of more than a 20 year journey where Mark was privileged & fortunate to be able to spend many years living with a 90 year old Master Yogi practicing meditation, studying Ancient Yogic texts, and receiving many teachings on 'How to Live'. 

The Get Fitt Mindfulness Training programme imparts all that Mark has learned & much Ancient Wisdom which is more relevant today than ever before.

Most importantly you will learn powerful practical techniques that can be used anywhere and at any time to help you live the life that you wish to live.

The purpose of the New Life Training is pretty straight forward;

We wish to provide you with no nonsense mindfulness techniques that will establish you in calmness in less than 30 seconds, whatever you may be doing! This foundation of calmness will enable you to direct your life, so that Life follows YOUR PLAN!

The New Life Training will empower you to:

•  Reduce Stress

• Achieve Ever Increasing Peace, Happiness, Good Health & Prosperity

Attain calmness at will DURING all daily activity

Develop Awareness of your Thoughts & Feelings

Direct Your Thoughts & Feelings so you can Live the Life that You CHOOSE

It is possible to improve our lives but we need to know how to do this. It is a skill like any other that takes time and training to develop.

 New Life Mindfulness Training 
''Think What you Want to Think,
So you can do What you Want to do.

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The Reviews for the Get Fitt Mindfulness Training

The Training provided so much life changing information which was communicated with simplicity and clarity.

Thank you for running such an enjoyable and invaluable talk. I was totally captured from start to finish and could not stop taking notes because I did not want to miss out on anything.

 I really enjoyed your ease of delivery which was further enhanced by your confident and laid back presence and your ability to keep the room totally attentive, alert and engaged. This does not often happen in these type of presentations.

I have since started practicing the Techniques and found the practical aspect of the talk very impactful.

The Get Fitt Mindfulness Training helped to confirm, reinforce and give even deeper meaning and empowered my value system. And now I am ready and I can take my life to the next level.


The Get Fitt Mindfulness Training
was brilliant, just what I needed.''

Since the training I have been practising the simple techniques a few times daily - and noticed an increase in good things occurring!

I had recently been grappling with some of the issues you raised - In particular how I could override old emotional patterns.

I was so pleased to hear about a way to take control and have been applying the simple techniques since the talk.

The way that you communicated the various solutions via the short exercises was very helpful and easy to follow. I am very interested in empowerment and have read stuff about gaining empowerment but it never quite hit the mark (no pun intended!) in the way that your session did.

The Get Fitt Mindfulness Training  was very enjoyable and the discussions which came out of it were very stimulating.I could have spent the whole day just listening to you and doing more short exercises.

I really loved the technique sessions and your explanation of the processes.  

I know that you said you thought you spoke for too long. But I liked the fact that you spent a lot of time giving background information before the short exercises because it put the exercises into context.

Also the background information answered many questions that I had/gaps in my general understanding.


''I thoroughly enjoyed the training
and the simplicity of the practices.’’

We so often fail to understand the power of the mind.The Get Fitt Mindfulness Training really inspired me.

You are a great speaker with wonderful knowledge and experience to share.

Thank you so much.


''Thank you for the Get Fitt Mindfulness
training it was wonderful.''

‘’I like the reference you made to the ocean as we are the fish swimming in pure potential. I have been using this as a visualization since. ‘’


''I did thoroughly enjoy the training.''

The Get Fitt Mindfulness Training  provided a good balance of talk and interaction, and I felt very comfortable asking questions and participating. ‘’


I really enjoyed and found it very helpful.

       I particularly enjoyed the practical side of the Training .


I really enjoyed the Get Fitt Mindfulness Training. 

   Mark kept the training simple, which was great. I want to know more.


''I gained several gifts from the training. 
I will remember  it.''


 ''Really enjoyed the Get Fitt Mindfulness Training, Informative with doable exercises.’’


For more information please contact Mark or Robyn;

Tel: 01727 602 022