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What is so Special about Far Infrared?

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy can be used to warm the body to trigger sweating helping the body burn calories.When the body sweats energy is used. In other words calories are burned in the process of producing sweat, this is how sauna therapy activates the burning of calories.

                             Far Infrared, Detox,
                        Good Health & Weight loss

"Good Health = Weight Loss"

Our story is simple;

For many years at Get Fitt we have been privileged to work with leading doctors, clinics and healthcare professionals. Since 2004 our speciality has been formulating detoxification programmes.

  Our approach to weight loss is unique.We focus on restoring good health & helping  your body to work properly. Our aim is  to help you detoxify and nourish your body so that it can naturally restore it's optimum weight.

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Why Does Increased Toxicity Cause Weight Gain?

The human body is very intelligent. As we become more and more toxic the body protects itself by producing fat to store toxins preventing them from damaging vital organs. 
More Toxins   More Fat

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