One of the biggest health challenges I faced many years ago was leaky gut. I had a variety of infections and particularly a huge Candida problem.

Leaky gut is a bit of a grey area, and it is not something that the medical profession are clear on yet. I myself suffered from a huge number of food intolerances, infections, IBS and food allergies.

Now I could have focussed on the infections & individual foods that triggered my allergic symptoms.

However I believed that the infections and foods themselves were not the issue.


Because whatever I ate caused me a problem, food was a problem….

So I had a gut permeability test that showed indeed there was leaky gut, also various other tests showed a variety of infections and, yes Candida.

When I started to address the gut problems, infections, candida and leaky gut, lo and behold my allergies and food sensitivities all cleared up in about 6 months.

So the point is, many of us focus on avoiding the problem foods, which of course you can do.

However in my experience the root cause of the allergies and sensitivities was in fact leaky gut which allowed undigested food particles, and unfriendly organisms to enter into my blood and travel throughout the body causing a massive auto-immune response.

Leaky Gut due to Poor Blood Supply

Many of our clients suffer from poor circulation, which is not too surprising as many of us who are unwell are not so physically active. The result is often very poor circulation.

Symptoms of Poor Circulation:

  • Cold Hands and Feet
  • Poor Digestion
  • Muscular Aches and Pains
  • Inability to Sweat
  • Cold all the time
  • Poor Liver Function – Ability to detoxify is reduced

Far Infrared to Help Gut Permeability

We have discovered over the years that so many people suffer from poor circulation, and that the gut is one of the first casualties.

This can manifest itself as poor digestion, wind, bloating and of course leaky gut.

One of the first things that the Far infrared is so helpful for, is to improve the blood supply throughout the body.

This of course includes improving the blood supply to the gut & intestinal lining that is currently leaky.

Improved blood supply can help deliver essential nutrients and generally promote repair and healing of the intestinal lining.

Prone to Infections

We have found over the years that people’s body temperatures can be lower than they should be; normal body temperature should in the region of 36.8-37.00C.

It is quite common however for many of our clients to have a running body temperature of 35.00C. The significance of this is that a higher body temperature helps to keep infections at bay.

The moment the body temperature drops, then unfriendly organisms can and do proliferate.

Leaky Gut & Systemic Infections

Where there is gut infection there tends to be a combination of organisms that are the culprits, it is rarely a single organism.

These infections tend to contribute to gut permeability, allowing organisms to enter the blood stream and then effectively become systemic, which was my experience.

Also as Candida (Yeast Overgrowth) populates the gut, one theory is that the overgrowth pierces the intestinal lining contributing further to permeability.

Far Infrared to Boost the Immune System & Raise Body Temperature

One way in which the Far Infrared has helped many of our clients, has been to restore the body temperature to the normal operating range.

With this return to a more normal operating temperature we see an improvement in immune function. So the endless bouts of infection can start to ease off.

Also where there is an increase in body temperature of just 1.00C, there can be a boost in immune function of anything up to 70%.This is one reason why Far infrared can be so helpful.

Far infrared for Detox – Leaky Gut & Toxic Overload

Something that is often overlooked, is the toxic overload that can result from leaky gut.

It does not matter if the food you are eating is the best and healthiest or just plain old junk. If there is a leak in the gut lining, then undigested food and unfriendly organisms can enter in to the bloodstream causing a whole host of health problems.

Far Infrared Thermal Therapy has been used in detoxification protocols worldwide and a number of Doctors including Dr Sherry Rogers advocate the use of Far infrared for detoxification.

Brain Fog & Gut Permeability

Certain studies have indicated that even friendly flora can enter into the blood stream, where there is leaky gut, and travel to the brain interfering with cognitive function.

We have found over the years that many cognitive dysfunctional issues are resolved when leaky gut is addressed.

So all in all Far Infrared Thermal Therapy is not normally something that people consider when working with leaky gut.

However Far infrared certainly helped me and many of our clients deal with Leaky gut, and many of the complications, infections and symptoms that can arise from this very disruptive problem.