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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Far Infrared

The Get Fitt Original Cocoon – Celebrating it’s 12th Anniversary

Far Infrared Original Cocoon System™

Get Fitt use only the highest quality Japanese Carbon Fibre Heating elements & German Electrical components.

Our Far Infrared Original Cocoon System is designed to provide a complete sauna experience at a much lower and more comfortable temperature than a conventional sauna.

Additional Info

Cocoon Delivers Full Body Far Infrared Treatment

The Original Cocoon System delivers Far Infrared to the entire body from top to toe – 360.

This provides an even more effective full body treatment when compared to Cabin Saunas (even a Far infrared Cabin Sauna).
Not to mention that your Cocoon just folds away after use.

Open up Your Cocoon & use it for a Family Treat

Relax & Detox
The Direct heat from the Cocoon SystemTM allows for gentle relaxation of the muscles and the option for controlled perspiration if desired.

Ultra Low EMF

All Get Fitt Equipment has been designed to generate close to ZERO EMF’s, making our units not only very effective but totally safe. Our equipment is so low in EMF’s that our electro-sensitive clients happily use our original range of equipment.


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