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Introducing Our  ZERO EMF SleeptekTM 2.0 System

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Advanced Low Temperature & Body Heat Active Far Infrared Treatment

The Get Fitt Far Infrared Eco Mat is unique and specially designed to deliver Full Spectrum Far Infrared at comfortable low temperatures (30 -370C) during sleep time.

ZERO EMF’s -Means no EMF’s
No Cables, No Wires in the Eco System Far Infrared Mat!

Generation 4.0 Far Infrared SleepTekTM

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Easy to Set up
Just place on top of your bed and use it as a mat. It can also be used to sleep on top of your mattress and under your sheet. Simply connect the Eco mat to the controller, set the controller up and you are ready to go.

Our Eco Mat gently warms the entire body creating a feeling of deep relaxation. Thus providing relief for aches and pains as well as help increase blood flow to help relax tense muscles and reduce spasms leading to pain relief.

Higher Temperature Treatment
The Eco Mat controller enables you to control the temperature of the sleep pad ranging from 30-700C enabling you to take high temperature treatments if desired.



Simple temperature controls
Adjust the Temperature with digital control by 10C increments to the setting that provides the desired warmth.

As the unit is heating up to reach the desired temperature the Red Working Light will appear:

The temperature range for the mat is 20-700C.

The unique design of the Get Fitt Eco Mat & Sleep system ensures that there are NO EMF’s generated by the pad, whatsoever.

Non Electrical Heating System
Our revolutionary Eco Mat & sleep system uses a non-electrical heating system ensuring that there are NO EMF’s emitted by the sleep pad.

The Eco system produces Full Spectrum Far infrared.

Environmentally Friendly Materials
Our Eco Mat & Sleep system only uses environmentally friendly materials including 100% cotton that is odour free.

Zero Off Gassing
No PVC or Polyurethane surfaces so there are no odours emitted by the Eco system.   

So Portable
Folds up easily after use and can be packed up into its carry case. It goes with you wherever you want.

The Digital controller enables you to set the treatment time anything from 1 – 18 hours.

Delay Timer
You can set the mat to come on after a set time. You can set the timer so the Eco Mat & Sleep system comes on just before you wake up.

This allows you to warm up the body first thing in the morning helping eliminate muscle spasms, stiffness and pain upon waking.

What You Get:
Get Fitt Eco Mat: Single or Double Eco Mat.

Controller & Leads: adjusts and controls the temperature and timer settings of the Far Infrared Eco SystemTM  .
This connects directly to the mains for power via an electrical lead.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Input Volts 

220V ~240V 50Hz

110V Also Available

Input Power         280W

Control Panel   Manual Control

Temperature         30°C ~70 °C

Dimensions (cms)

(Single)  200 x 99

(Dbl) 200 x 140                                     

Net Weight    3.8 kg

Far Infrared   5-20 microns


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