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Surviving the Unsurvivable – Day 1

26/01/2022 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Surviving the Unsurvivable

Kris will share her journey and how she navigated a life with stage 4 breast cancer for almost 13 years.

She inspired a whole younger generation of girls in their 20’s to get their breasts checked…..

Kris at the age of 23 years old did not even know she could be at risk of Breast Cancer.

Not only did Kris battle breast cancer but also had to deal with Cancer in her spine.

She started the charity CoppaFeel!. Which has three missions:

  • to get all young people to check their boobs and pecs regularly, so they know what’s normal;
  • to familiarise them with the symptoms of breast cancer;
  • and to empower them when they’re seeking medical help.

    Last year, more than a million young people were sent a text to remind them to check their breasts.

    “The charity is now the third most recognised cancer charity in the UK,” she says, “and is actually saving lives, which blows my mind all the time.”

She will also discuss what she learned and her insights into how and why she believes she survived and is still alive today.

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2:00 pm - 3:30 pm