This video is a short interview with a client who suffered from debiltating knee pain. The knee pain is the result of old football injuries and knee surgery. Painkillers and Anti-Inflammatory medications usually significantly reduced the pain.

However recently even while taking medications the client was still in extreme pain for just over 4 weeks.

After a short course of 5 Full Body Far Infrared treatments of about 20 minutes each, using the Get Fitt Professional Range, the client’s pain score reduced from 10 (10 =The worst pain possible, and 0=no pain) to 3 on the pain scale. This occured in just over one week.

See the Get Fitt Thermal Imaging video of the treatment showing how the treatment improved circulation in the painful knees in question.

Thermal Imaging Video Showing Improvement in Circulation
Leading to Significant Pain Reduction After 5 Treatments

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