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Get Fitt Far Infrared – Low Blood Pressure

Current research is indicating that blood vessel damage is a significant factor in the cause of human diseases.

To be a little more precise it is the lining of the blood vessels that is being damaged. This blood vessel lining is called the Vascular Endothelium.

You could think of this blood vessel lining as the control system for the blood vessels; of course if it is damaged then you are going experience cardiovascular
issues as well as blood pressure fluctuations.

The blood vessel lining is responsible for producing a gas called Nitric Oxide; Now Nitric Oxide triggers the blood vessels to expand and dilate.

Of course if the blood vessel lining is intact then all is well, however if there is some damage then the ability of the blood vessels to expand and deliver blood
effectively could be compromised.

Blood vessel damage can of course affect the elasticity of the blood vessels and hence blood pressure can be adversly affected.

In fatigue sufferers Doctors are seeing alot of cell damage, and consequently secondary heart failure can be a problem.

This means that the heart is not able to pump so effectively; often due to both blood vessel and cell damage.

Hence the body’s ability to circulate blood is compromised again this can adversely affect blood pressure causing fluctuations.

So it is clear that the health of the blood vessels and the blood vessel lining (the Vascular Endothelium) is critical for healthy cardiovascular function
and effective regualtion of the body’s blood pressure.

To view the research review on Blood Vessel Damage and Human disease please click below:

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