Can Far Infrared Help Solve the Mystery of Unexplained Weight Gain?

The Toxicity Weight Gain Connection

Now what is detoxification?

We have explained what a toxin is; that it’s a type of poison that gets into the body that harms the body that can damage the body and interfere with healthy functioning of the body.

But what does detoxification mean?

Detoxification means clearing and cleansing the toxins from the body.

When we’re exposed to a toxin the body will see the toxin as potentially harmful to the body and what will normally occur is that the body will take that toxin and put it into storage.

There are many different storage facilities in the body.

Weight Gain & Toxicity

One thing the body often will do is create a fatty deposit to store toxins.

So instead of allowing the toxins to circulate in your blood and have free run through your body effectively poisoning the body.

What your body will do is take the toxin out of circulation out of the blood then deposit it in a fatty store.

This can be one major contributory factor for unexplained weight gain.

The Location of Fatty Deposits

You know if you are gaining weight and experiencing increased fatty deposits on the body; this can give you a clue as to where your body may actually be storing the toxins.


So in this context detoxification means taking the toxins out of storage and basically releasing them back into the blood so that the body can then eliminate the toxins.

When you start to detox it’s very important to manage the detox process because be aware that you’re pulling toxic substances out of storage where they were kept safely out of harms way.

When you detox you are pulling then out of storage releasing them into circulation back into the blood.

Then you can begin to eliminate them either through the skin when you sweat or you can eliminate them through the liver in the kidneys.

It is crucial to detoxify but it’s also very important to actively manage that process to ensure that we release those toxins in a way that the body can tolerate

and that is not too overwhelming or stressful for the body system.

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