How Can Warming the Body from the Inside Out With Far Infrared Help With Pain?

The Warming Effect of Far Infrared

Welcome back to the far infrared freedom from pain program.

Let us explain a little bit more about the experience of Far Infrared Light Therapy.

Now one of the first key effects is actually that Far Infrared has a ‘’Warming effect’’.

This is so helpful if you have been in pain for a really long time and when you have been both stressed, and distressed.

Muscles in Spasm – Causing Even More Pain

When you are in extreme pain, commonly a lot of the muscles can be tight, locked up and in spasm.

When you start literally bathing in light as the light is released into the cells of the body there is a warming effect.

As soon as the cells of your body absorb the Far Infrared, heat is released from within the body in the cells themselves.

Working at Comfortable Low Temperatures

This means we do not have to expose your body to uncomfortable high air temperatures. It is possible to sweat and detox at very comfortable low temperatures closer to body temperature.

When you start warming the body in this way the body can begin to relax.

The result is that those really tight and spasmed muscles that are causing even more pain can start to relax.

Relieving Spasmed Muscles

As you warm the body you start to increase circulation and blood supply the temperature of the body starts to increase.

Often when the muscles are in spasm the blood supply to the damaged muscle is often cut off sue to the spasm which is serving to reduce your movement and motion to protect the area of damage.

However the result can be a build up of inflammatory substances around the area of damage resulting in even more pain and inflammation.

By increasing blood supply to the spasmed muscles we can increase blood supply and flush out many of the accumulated inflammatory substances. Thus it is possible to reduce the pain and inflammation resulting from the reduced blood supply to the area of damage.

When this occurs it is really relaxing soothing and calming.

This is so often just what is needed if you have been in constant pain and overwhelmed and stressed with this unrelenting pain.

The takeaway is;

  1. Warm the Body Through
  2. Increase Circulation
  3. Reduce Inflammation
  4. Relax the entire system and really enjoy bathing the body in all of that light.

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