Far Infrared Light Therapy – The Energising Effect for Pain


Welcome back back to the Far Infrared Freedom From Pain Programme.

We are going to talk a little bit more about the ‘Experience’ of the Far Infrared Light Therapy.

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The Holiday Effect – Energising

When you’re on holiday or you are in the sunshine you tend to feel really energized the impact of light on the body is really uplifting and energising that actually is the impact of far infrared being absorbed by the cells of your body.

Energy for Pain Reduction

Now in the war against pain, in our efforts to start reducing the pain, ultimately the body needs fuel.

The body needs energy to repair and heal itself and very commonly you know when we’re in pain or we’ve been unwell for a very long time the body is not producing energy very well.

Light Bathing – Charging the Body With Light

When you take the Far Infrared Light Therapy and you start bathing the whole system in LIGHT one of the first things you begin to experience is more energy.

It makes sense and is very simple – you are sending pure light into the cells of the body.

This is the purest form of energy or fuel that your body is able to use for cellular activity cellular repair and healing.

The experience is that actually you feel energized; you have more energy and that is so helpful.

Energy for Unrelenting Pain

Obviously if you’re in constant pain unrelenting pain all the time it is so draining and so exhausting.

So to have that energising effect where suddenly you feel as though you actually have some more energy just helps you feel that much better.

The Takeaways for Today

Get Energized

Charge up the Body with Far Infrared light therapy &

FEEL like you have actually energy for some activity and ultimately help the body repair and heal itself.

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Download Your Free Guide to Far Infrared for Freedom From Pain