What is the New Health Challenge for 21st Century & How Can Far Infrared Help?


We have worked closely with many healthcare professionals over the years, we have seen a massive increase in complex conditions.

What that means is simply is that there are multiple health challenges occurring simultaneously.

In fact many of the body’s organs and systems are often compromised and damaged; Simply put the body is not working properly.

I was very ill for a lot of years and my body didn’t work.

I was working with my nutrition and supplementation.

My body was so far gone I couldn’t digest food even though I was eating really healthy food.

The body just didn’t work it couldn’t process the food it couldn’t digest the food.

I was also taking some supplements to help address a lot of the resulting deficiencies that I had.

I couldn’t digest my food and my body simply didn’t work sufficiently well to absorb or assimilate the nutrients.

The Challenge of Getting the Body Working

The reality is if you’re a healthcare professional helping people restore their health; To get the body working again is a major challenge.

There are many reasons for that; with our lifestyle today we are so stressed that the nervous system is really locked into overactivity.

The sympathetic nervous system commonly is overactive and overstimulated and consequently the body tends to degeneration and it’s not repairing so well.

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Indoor Living & Sedentary Lifestyle

Another major challenge is indoor living.

We are indoors ninety percent of the time that creates a huge challenge in terms of trying to get the body better.

We are daylight deprived, sedentary, we are not breathing properly and that’s a huge issue.

If we are not breathing properly it means the blood is not being well oxygenated resulting in low oxygen content of the blood.

That is bad news and of course if we are sitting most of the time, which we are; sitting during our working day and also during our leisure time.

We can be sitting for anything up to eight to twelve hours daily.

Poor Circulation & Sluggish Elimination

This means we are not moving enough, not breathing properly and suffering from poor circulation.

Consequently the body is not eliminating so well and is accumulating a lot of waste substances just from our own metabolism.

Our lifestyle today alone is a huge factor.

We are daylight and motion deprived!

How to Overcome These Challenges?

Good diet and nutrition are essential yet where people are so unwell the reality is often they cannot digest food properly, even move or exercise.

There can also be a lot of blood vessel damage/cardiovascular damage; so how to deal with that?

It can be so challenging to help the body start repairing itself where there is this underlying foundation of absolute damage and dysfunction.

Think Light Think Photons Think Pure Energy

With Far Infrared Light Therapy think light think photons; what we are doing is sending pure light into the cells of the body.

A new solution is absolutely essential to deal with this new 21st century health challenge of complex chronic disease and Full Body Far Infrared Light
Therapy could be worth learning about.

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