When Good Nutrition May not Help You?


The Challenge is Getting the Body Working Again

The reality is to get the body working again is the real challenge.My own journey was that most of my body was very badly damaged and most of my body systems organs & my digestion did not work.

It was a challenge to even eat food.

It didn’t really matter whether I took good food or bad food my body could not do very much with the food I was eating.

Inevitably most of us tend to suffer from a number of deficiencies and my body could not even process supplements.

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Supplements Made me Worse to Begin

It was a very very challenging time and I actually tended to get quite sick with a lot of the supplementation that I was attempting to put into the body.

We see a lot of our practitioner friends and colleagues facing a lot of challenges when we are working with people and the body simply does not not work properly.

It’s not really so straightforward or so easy to just get the body systems working normally again.

There is a lot of repair that needs to happen first; before the body can even begin to digest and assimilate food and supplements.

We Assume the Body is Working?

We assume that the body can actually digest food?

In reality there is a process of getting the body to the point where it can even begin to repair, detoxify and begin to be able to digest the food that is being put into the system.
So the reality is it’s a little bit tricky!

It’s not just about taking good food putting some supplements into the body this was my own journey as my body was not working.

Gut Repair is Essential – Get Rid of all the Infections

So the takeaway is concentrate it is important to ensure the gut is repaired, the infections need to be eliminated and the gut lining repaired.

As long as gut infections are in play the gut will be inflamed and leaking and healthy digestion and assimilation just cannot happen!

This is why so many people have ongoing protracted gut issues……the infections often are still in play.


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