What a Pain in the Muscle

Toxicity – Painful Muscles & Trigger Points

Toxicity is not normally something that one would associate with pain. However a very interesting study in 2008 offers some indication that there may be a connection between toxicity and painful trigger points/muscle knots.

In the study tissue samples were used from the muscles themselves, and areas surrounding the trigger points. These were compared  with samples from healthy muscle tissue and there were significant differences.

The problem boiled down to an accumulation of metabolic waste products, and molecules that were associated with pain and inflammation at the site of the trigger point/muscle knot.

It has also been found that trigger points are strongly acidic – This is really interesting because this ties in with the theory that trigger points/muscle knots result in reduced blood supply to the muscle.

Hence waste products such as lactic acid build up and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle is reduced. Thus the muscle is not really working very well and is effectively congested.

The result is accumulation of waste products, alot of pain and muscle dysfunction otherwise known as ‘Sick Muscle Syndrome’.

What Can Far Infrared Do – Far Infrared for Muscular Pain Relief & Joint Pain

Let’s Boost Blood Supply in Painful Areas & Flush the Body with Blood

Far Infrared Thermal Treatment can help improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body; allowing oxygen rich blood to bathe painful areas, flushing away acidic waste that can build up causing pain, soreness and stiffness.

Improved Circulation & Increased Endorphin Production for Pain Relief

The unique and deeply warming effect of Far Infrared (FIR) Thermal Therapy can help the body’s connective tissues become more flexible, providing greater joint movement and can also help bring about increased levels of endorphins, which ease pain. (Therapeutic Heat & Cold – Justin Lehman 4thEdition)

In this way the warming effect of Far Infrared (FIR) Thermal Therapy can help warm the muscles and connective tissues helping to reduce stiffness and soreness in muscles and joints throughout the body. This may help improve flexibility.

Which is the Best way to Warm the Body – Full Body Treatment Vs Local Treatment

Full Body Far infrared Thermal Treatment

There is no question, that in the last 11 years that our clients have been using our Far Infrared Systems, they all love the full body treatment.

To just lay down and warm the entire body all the way through is a Godsend when you are in alot of pain that permeates right through your body.

When they wake up the morning in pain and suffering from alot of stiffness, the full body Far infrared treatment is just the ticket. The feedback from our clients has been amazing, especially those using our full body Advanced FIR 3.0 technology.

Even though you may have a few areas that are painful, generally our circulation is not so good because we sit all day long. This is a real problem and will be dealt with in a seperate article. However doing a full body treatment will go a long way to boosting blood supply and improving circulation thoughout the body helping to give you a good ‘ENGINE FLUSH’ so to speak. Trust me it feels great.

Local Far Infrared Thermal Treatment

Over the years we have tried used many different technologies for local Far infrared treatment, and the one that wins hands down is our Go System. This is our equivalent of a laser and provides a very powerful, focussed and deeply penetrating Far Infrared treatment.

Where there is a very local problem/pain or muscle spasm the Go Systemreaches the problem area fast, and is super light and portable and folds up so you can put it in it’s carry case and off you go.

Actually both full body and local treatment will help and are often used together. The question is how good can you stand it?

Far Infrared Research for Pain Relief