Far Infrared for Pain – What on Earth is Far Infrared?

Today we’re going to talk about what is far-infrared.

Far-Infrared very simply is light it; is an invisible frequency of light that you cannot see.

However you can feel it as the body starts to absorb far infrared you are warmed all the way through the body.

So I would liken the experience of Far Infrared very much to almost bathing in light that’s what you’re actually doing.

You are taking a light bath and the body will soak up the Far Infrared and it will absorb it completely.

Now one of the reasons that the body is able to absorb the Far Infrared so easily is because would you believe about
50% of the energy that your body produces it is in fact Far Infrared.

So very often we are asked is far infrared safe and my answer to you is your own body is producing far infrared and it is completely safe.

This is the sunshine without the Sun Burn!

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When the body soaks up the far infrared that of course means that the body is then able to take that Far Infrared
and use it for repair for healing and for reducing inflammation.

Ultimately this will be helping the body recover from this overwhelming damage and often a lot
of the pain and inflammation that you may be experiencing.

So enjoy your LIGHT BATHING!

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