Stress – Far Infrared for Repairing Physical Nerve Damage
& Getting the Body Working Again

Some of the studies that we have show that the Far Infrared can trigger the repair the physical
repair of a damaged nerve.

Now one of the studies that we have actually refers to the sciatic nerve of a rat was physically
cut and severed and when exposed to Far Infrared that nerve repaired.

So potentially we are looking at physical repair of a damaged nerve but also we know from a lot of the research that we
have that Far Infrared will help repair blood vessels as well.

There are many toxins that are also damaging the blood vessels and many studies in the heart disease section on Far infrared
you’ll see shows that Far Infrared helps repair blood vessels

Of course if we can repair the blood vessels that means we can start supplying more blood more oxygen
more nutrients to the nerves.

This means that they can repair and start functioning so ultimately we’re restoring function of the nerves and the nervous system.

We can start restoring function of the nerves by restoring blood supply to the nerves and also clearing a backlog of toxins that may
be disrupting the nervous system function.

In terms of health people don’t really talk very much about the nervous system and for me it’s really crucial because ultimately
it’s the nervous system that’s controlling the function of the body.

The nerves are sending the messages to all the systems so that the body systems and organs can function.

It’s really important to think about the control system for the body and for the organs and for the elimination systems.

If the communication system doesn’t work, if we can’t send messages to the systems so that they work properly then
of course nothing’s going work.

The whole body will not function properly so you could say what we’re doing here is looking at the body’s operating
system and we’re restoring function of the operating system;how essential is that!

This is absolutely essential, absolutely crucial to repairing the body and to recovering from any kind
of disease or illness.

You need the systems functioning and the Far Infrared helps repair and restore function of the operating
system in the form of the nervous system

✅ If you would like to learn a little bit more about how far infrared light therapy can help you,
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If you would like to learn a little bit more about how far infrared light therapy can help you click on the link below:
23rd July 2019

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