Far Infrared Light Therapy for Pain – An Introduction

Today we’re going to talk about far-infrared light therapy for pain.

Now over the years we’ve worked with thousands of clients and helped them with their pain.

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Full Body Pain & Local Pain

Sometimes it’s specific pain in particular areas whether it’s the knees, the hips, the shoulders, or the Back or the Neck.

Since 2004 We have worked with many clients who have suffered from some systemic and full-body pain.

We have found the Far infrared Light Therapy  to be so helpful.

What is so special is that we can actually work with the whole body, and can literally bathe the whole body in light.

We are able to warm the whole body system all at once.

It is also possible to work on specific local areas as well.

Accessing Unreachable Areas of Injury & Damage

Ultimately the Far Infrared  is going to significantly increase circulation throughout the whole body and that is really key.

This means you can get access to the areas of the body that have been damaged that normally you cannot reach.

This is why so many people who are suffering from pain have been doing so for so many years.

So often it is a real challenge to reach the area of damage or pain.

In such cases you just can’t increase oxygen delivery and nutrient delivery to the areas of damage that need repair.

When you start working with full-body & Local Far Infrared light therapy you are able to reach those unreachable areas
and finally begin boosting blood supply.

Thus helping improve pain and actually reduce the pain and the inflammation.

Muscle Spasms Increase Pain

So often muscles in the painful areas of our body are often in spasm resulting in even more pain.

When muscles spasm they can literally choke off the blood supply to the painful area in question.

The result is that metabolic wastes build up in the painful areas causing even more pain and inflammation.

When you are in so much pain, we know many clients who absolutely cannot tolerate anyone even touching
them let alone a massage.

So, what do you do with these troublesome painful spots and muscles spasms?

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Increased Endorphin Production

Far Infrared Thermal Treatment has also been shown to make connective tissue more flexible.

This provides greater joint movement and brings about increased levels of endorphins,
which ease pain. (Therapeutic Heat & Cold – Justin Lehman 4th Edition).


Pain Relief & Far Infrared Research:

Truly if you have been in pain for weeks, months, years or even decades; we have worked with clients who have
been experiencing unrelenting pain with no relief year in year out and we’ve seen some really encouraging results.

I hope you find this Far infrared freedom from pain program uplifting & inspiring.

Ultimately this may give you some hope and even more than that that finally perhaps
you can begin to start repairing the body and ultimately be free from all pain.

Thank you very much we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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Download Your Free Guide to Far Infrared Light Therapy for Pain