Far Infrared & Detoxification

There is so much confusion about Far Infrared, how to use it, and how it works. In all the years we have been doing this, we still find that most people are totally confused until we can help clear things up for them!

Far Infrared is Light

This is such a simple thing and even though people talk about it, this is not really understood. Why do I say this? Because Far Infrared has been referred to as a sauna.

So everyone thinks great, this is just another sauna to get me really hot,which it can do by the way, so lets sweat like crazy and give myself a good roasting!

Hold on a second………

1. Many People who are Unwell Do NOT Sweat

Why? Because the skin is not functioning properly to begin with, due to poor circulation.

So would you really want to stress the body with a very high temperature, when you cannot cool off properly.

Also the length of treatment you would need to trigger a sweat would probably leave you feeling dreadful for a good few weeks afterwards…..So not a good idea.

The good news is that Far Infrared is able to warm the body without affecting air temperature.

What this means for you is that you can warm the body all the way through, and even achieve a good sweat if desired at very low temperatures. very similar to the warming of your body by the sun (without the Ultrav Vioulet Rays that burn your skin).

Many of our clients have a good old sweat (once the skin start working again) at very comfortable temeratures of less than your own body temperature – even as low as 340Celsius.


The main focus in the press has been that Far Infrared is for detoxification…..well certainly it can be used for this.

However this is a little like looking at the tip of an iceberg and talking all about that. We know that most of the iceberg is unseen and it’s tip is the smallest representation of what it actually is.

We will talk more about detoxification in other articles.

For now let’s talk about a critical factor that really has gotten little or no attention:

The Problem of Poor Circulation

There is alot of research emerging shedding light on the health problems arising from ‘SITTING’. Our lifestyle is such that we are not moving anymore

The latest research is really encouraging showing that Far Infrared may be very beneficial for so many of the Lifestyle Related Health issues that we face, such as:

So Much of Our of our Work/Leisure Time is now Spent…..Sitting.

Why this is so significant is that we are not breathing properly – Hyperventilating – meaning that your blood is not able to release oxygen into the cells of the body, pretty significant wouldn’t you say?

When you do not move, you are also not using your muscles to pump blood around the body.This means that you will not deliver nutrients or oxygen to where they are needed most. Not good news.

This has significant toxcity implications. Conventional wisdom is that of course your body naturally detoxifies itself.

This is true when the detoxification systems are WORKING and receiving the nutrients and blood that they need?

So what has been neglected is the fact that many of the body’s systems for many people have been deprived of blood, oxygen and nutrients, hence they are just not working properly.

Toxic Overload

When the circulation is poor and we do not move much, the byproducts (waste) of metabolism begin to accumulate in our body as opposed to being flushed through  the body by the lymphatic system and good blood flow.

This can contirbute to systemic inflammation and a good amount of PAIN and stiffness that we experience.

Improve Your Circulation First

The warming effect of Far Infrared Thermal Therapy (FITT) will gently start to help improve circulation, jump starting many of the body’s systems.

As more blood is circulated throughout the body oxygen is delivered as needed, as are the essential nutrients, and also you can start to flush unwanted metabolic waste products from the body.