What on Earth Does a Far Infrared Sauna Have to do With Stress?

Ever Tried a Far Infrared Sauna for Stress Relief (Light Therapy)

Far Infrared may be worth considering as it has a significant impact on the body helping to calm
the body system.

Rarely however is Far Infrared related to reducing stress and calming down the nervous system.

So often Far Infrared Light Therapy is thought of as a sauna and that it is just for detoxification.

Daylight Deficiency & Stress – Connecting the Dots!

Now the fact that we are also daylight deficient means we are deprived of one of natures
greatest solutions for stress – Light.

When we are in the sun how do we feel?

You feel energised, relaxed and happy!

Hence in reality daylight deficiency contributes to our state of being stressed & depressed all the time.
So often our nervous system is overactive meaning the body will not repair itself as it should.


Endless Stress Needs a Plan to Deal With it.

Today there are many new types of unrelenting stress that we are having to cope with on a daily basis.

We now also have to deal with additional new sources of stress such as toxic stress from ongoing exposure
to metals, chemicals and pesticides in our environment, our food and water and ultimately even more so in the home.

Being stressed constantly means the nervous system is triggered and overactive most of the time.

This results in compromised health, illness and overall degeneration of the body.

The Body Needs to be Calm to Repair

The body needs to be calm to repair and heal itself; the nervous sytem is often locked into
overactivity and often does not reset.

Meaning the body will not repair itself.

Consequently poor sleep results compounding the stress you may be experiencing.

Reducing Stress is essential to get the body to start repairing and healing itself.

Constant conection to mobile devices also means we are on constant alert waiting
for messages and notifications…….Just more Endless anxiety and stress results.

The body is not calming down and is not able to reset and repair itself.

Actively Manage Your Stress – Far Infared and Stress Relief

Ultimately given todays lifestyle we need a plan to actively manage our stress and take action to reset
the nervous sytem consistently on a daily basis.

Thus calming down the whole body and nervous system regularly and consistently is essential
for the body to regenerate, heal and repair itself in the long term.

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