Far Infrared Sauna – How Does Far Infrared Work?

Far Infrared Sauna – How does it Work from Mark Givert – Get Fitt on Vimeo.

Far Infrared is so often portrayed as a heat treatment and as a sauna that will heat you up make you sweat and help you detoxify.

It is considered to be a sauna plain and simple…..

This could not be further from the truth. Far Infrared can induce a heating and warming effect however Far Infrared is Light Therapy.

You are sending photons into the cells of the body, and Far infrared can warm the cells of the body without necessarily heating the air; thus warming the body at comfortable low air temperatures.

Recent studies are showing that the Far Infrared may help the cells of the body to repair, as well as providing the cells with energy to function.

Far Infrared is NOT heat and does not compare to a conventional sauna which is using hot air, at temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees celsius.

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