How Can a Far Infrared Sauna Detox Help Reduce Stress?


We have touched on toxic overload and how metals chemicals and pesticides that are getting into the body, into the cells of the body are neurotoxic.

In other words they can damage the nervous system.

We have spoken about lifestyle locking the nervous system into this overactive state; but we’ve got another challenge here.

That is that the toxic load in the body can physically damage the nerves and disrupt the function of the nervous system.

So this is also contributing to the nervous system disruption.


The Far Infrared is very important for detoxification it is crucial; we need to start cleaning the cells of the body and clearing out the toxins that are damaging the nerves and disrupting the nervous system.

Ideally we need to reset the nervous system with the far-infrared as well as clearing out the toxins that are physically damaging the nerves themselves.

Toxins are also disrupting the function of the nervous system.

The solution is to detox and eliminate the chemicals that are damaging and disrupting the nervous system.


Then we can then begin to restore function and actually start repairing the nerve damage that may result from the toxic overload.

Many people are experiencing neuropathy they’ve got numbness, tingling, pain; you know all kinds of things going on throughout the body.

This is often a result of the toxins damaging the nerves it’s really common.


The other thing that toxins will do that again we haven’t mentioned with regards to the nervous system; for example in the case of diabetics high blood sugar is what is damaging the blood vessels. In particular there is damage the blood vessels serving the nerves. If the blood vessels to the nerves are damaged that means the nerves will not function properly.

Toxins can cause both degeneration of the nerves and damage to the blood vessels supplying the nerves.


So if the blood supply to the nerves is damaged you’re going to get neurodegenerative conditions kicking in.

This is one very important aspect of neurodegenerative disease that the toxic load is damaging to the blood vessels serving the nerves.

This means of course if the nerves are not getting blood supply and they’re not getting oxygen and the relevant nutrients.

The nerves are not going to function properly and more to the point they will begin to degenerate.

So there are many implications for toxic load not just damaging nerves but damaging blood supply to the nerves.


Put that all together you get disruption of the function of the nerves and the nervous system.

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