How Can Far Infrared HELP Your Nervous System Regenerate your Body?

Far Infrared to Regenerate your Body?

How exactly is this possible…….

There are 2 major elements of the nervous system one of which helps you survive danger; namely the sympathetic nervous system.

This puts you in fight of flight mode – the body is on high alert producing tons of adrenaline; YOU ARE READY FOR ACTION!

However the problem is given the lifestyle we live our nervous system is over active and the fight or flight mode is constantly switched on.

The body’s nervous system has got locked into this overactivity and does not switch off.

Hence you may experience poor sleep & ultimately fatigue, being tired all the time or feeling exhausted and wiped out.

The body was never meant to be in fight or flight mode all the time due to unrelenting stress.

DOWN TIME …….is essential so that the nervous system can reset.

Meaning we need to deactivate the overactive sympathetic nervous system and activate the calming element of the nervous system known as the parasympathetic nervous system.

This way the body can calm down and it is only in this calm mode that the body repairs and regenerates itself.

For many of us this nervous system overactivity – STRESS- may have been going on for many years.

So it may take a little time for the nervous system and the body to recover from the stress that it has been exposed to for so many years.

Recereational activities; walking, working out, exercise, meditiation, sports or whatever you enjoy that helps you literally switch off is actually essential to maintain good health in the long term.

Also Far Infrared Light Therapy is an easy way to calm the nervous system and help it reset.

This means we can get our nervous system working normally again and bring it into balance.

The result is that the body will start repairing and healing itself as it should hence this is essential to help us recover from illness and or chronic disease.

Take care of your body, take time daily for calmness.

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