Beginners Guide to Far Infrared

Far Infrared is an invisible wavelength of light that warms up the body; when the cells of the body absorb the photons being generated by the Far Infrared equipment, heat is released producing a nice warming effect similar to that of the warming rays of the Sun (without the harmful UV rays that cause sunburn).

You have all experienced Far infrared but probably did not know it; you know when you are outside on a nice sunny day, blue skies and sunshine, but it is Freeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold!

You may have noticed that when you are in the sunshine you feel nice and warm, yet when a cloud passes by and blocks the sun for a short period suddenly you are really cold.

Question: In fact the air temperature has remained unchanged, so how is it you feel suddenly cold?

Answer: Simple – Sunshine contains Far Infrared Rays which are absorbed by the body, however one of the unique properties of Far Infrared is that it does not heat the air.

Meaning it will warm you up but not the air. So when a cloud shields you from the sun, you are no longer being warmed by the Far Infrared rays of the Sun and feel cold.

How Does This Special Warming Effect of Far Infared Help You?
Because you are using photons in the form of Far Infrared, which are similar to the natural wavelengths of light present in sunshine, the body absorbs up to 93% of the Far infrared being generated by the treatment.

Also this natural form of light penetrates the body easily and deeply. Meaning that it is so good at warming the deeper, harder to reach tissues of the body.