Weekly Live Webinars – BOOST -Supercharging the Immune System In Times of Need

              Mark Givert of Get Fitt Presents Weekly Live Webinars Every 2 Weeks on a Friday at 16:00 with Dr Rajendra Sharma to Discuss; How Best to Boost Your Immune system and make the most out of your body's natural defenses. Dr Sharma has 30 years of experience as an Integrated medical doctor utilizing conventional, Functional and Complementary medicine. His techniques of diagnosis and treatment are a unique blend, emergent from his broad knowledge of diagnostic systems and Complementary...

July 17, 2020

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Systemic Far Infrared Light Therapy – An Holistic Solution

This workshop explains what Far Infrared is, how it works and it’s applications. During the workshop Mark will share his extensive knowledge about Far Infrared light therapy. Some of the subject matter covered will include but not be limited to: Far Infrared – What is it? How it works Applications of Far Infrared Daylight Deprivation Indoor Living Sedentary Lifestyle Detoxification Mitochondrial Repair Improving Cardiovascular Function Neurodegenerative Disease Diabetes Stress Relief Heart Disease Arthritis & Chronic Pain Improving Sleep Reduction in Body Weight & Body Fat...

May 11, 2020

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Light Starved & Sick – The Webinar

The Growing Need for Photo-Supplementation? THE AVERAGE CITY DWELLER NOW SPENDS APPROXIMATELY 90% OF THEIR LIFE INDOORS! Light Deficiency/Starvation is sadly becoming a real thing! We are the ' INDOOR Generation......   WHAT CAN YOU AND I DO ABOUT IT? Light deprivation is a significant contributory factor to illness and in many cases PHOTO SUPPLEMENTATION may be an essential precursor to the body being able to detoxify & repair itself. I myself was so ill at one stage that I could not digest food, I...

March 18, 2020

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When Good Nutrition May not Help You?

The reality is to get the body working again is the real challenge.My own journey was that most of my body was very badly damaged and most of my body systems organs & my digestion did not work. It was a challenge to even eat food.

October 14, 2019

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Far Infrared Light Therapy Webinar- The One Thing That Can Change Everything

LIVE ONLINE WEBINAR TRAINING This Webinar Training will explain more about Far Infrared Light Therapy, how it works and just how it can help activate the body’s Natural Healing & Repairing Systems. In addition we will discuss just how full body Far infrared Light Therapy can support the entire body system assisting all the compromised organs and systems simultaneously.

September 26, 2019

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How Can Warming the Body from the Inside Out With Far Infrared Help With Pain?

How Can Warming the Body from the Inside Out With Far Infrared Help With Pain? Far Infrared has a ‘’Warming effect’ . When you start literally infusing the cells of the body with Far Infrared there is a warming effect. As soon as the cells of your body absorb the Far Infrared, heat is released from within the body in the cells themselves. The result is that those really tight and spasmed muscles that are causing even more pain can start to relax.

August 19, 2019

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What is the New Health Challenge for 21st Century & How Can Far Infrared Help?

We have worked closely with many healthcare professionals over the years, we have seen a massive increase in complex conditions. What that means is simply is that there are multiple health challenges occurring simultaneously. Discover how Full Body Far Infrared Light Therapy could be a solution to this new 21st Century Health Challenge?

August 12, 2019

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